About us


Gaucho House was born out of the desire of two friends, to bring the culture of handmade leather goods from their native Argentina to the Australian market.

We are a company that values the representative art of handmade leather goods and seek to showcase that high-quality. Gaucho House wants to provide customers with unique and well-crafted leather goods that also promote cultural exchange and appreciation.

"We want everyone to experience, if only a little, how much tradition and passion the artisans put into their goods."

Back in Argentina

Leather goods have a long history in Argentina, particularly in the rural areas where Argentine cowboys also known as Gauchos, have been crafting leather items for centuries. 

The Gaucho is a cultural icon in Argentina known for their skills in horsemanship and leatherworking. They would make their own leather goods, such as saddles, belts and boots using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.